" I found Ngaire on a Google search and went to her in a desperate attempt to get my bridesmaid's dress to fit me. Her years of experience showed in her manner and confidence.She made me feel completely at ease, and assured me that she could make the dress fit.

I dared to believe her and left hoping i had made the right decision. I was not disappointed. Within a week i was told the dress was ready to pick up.

When it came to trying on the dress, i was over the moon. It was as if  she took the image from my head and made it reality.  She is now in my contact list as "Legendary Tailor". Her prices are reasonable and she delivers great results swiftly. She is friendly, confident and very very good at what she does. I would 100% recommend her services to anyone that wants their clothes to fit like gloves. "

Florence Gomes
Chrystal Sloane Client


Chrystal Sloane Couture Auckland

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