When picking fabrics for the different seasons of the year, it is a good idea to have staple pieces like a blazer, skirt and trousers in a fine wool crepe which can be worn all year and perfect for business events. By adding a silk camisole and evening sandals for a cocktail party. Then look for a plain block colour or pattern piece to give a different feel and look.

In the colder months you can add layers like a polo neck jumper and coat over the suit or a fur wrap. With buying off the rack if it is good quality fabric and doesn't fit right it is worth the investment of having the garment tailored as you will feel like it was made especially for you and will have you keep wearing it over and over again.

Lastly the way you take care of your pieces is also important. Making sure they are hung up correctly and maintained with regular dry cleaning and repairs to keep them looking new.

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